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Ira Shor: Why You Should Opt Out Your Children from State Testing

Ira Shor is a professor at the City University of New York, where he teaches composition and rhetoric. Shor understands that standardized testing is the foundation on which the entire “reform” project rests. 920 more words


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This is how parents in Delaware and surrounding states can undo the damage being done by these corporate giants who as with any monopoly, don't give a damn.... "Suck it" they all seem to say....

This is our (parents) way of saying.... "ok, then suck this.." My prediction is that this will be huge and it will hang on Greg Lavelles neck... and when done, he will lay like a shattered gargoyle smashed across the stones under Notre Dame from whence he fell....

(And that makes Dave Sokola the luckiest man alive.)

One child’s rigor is another child’s mental breakdown

The most valuable assessments in schools today is the running record. Running records measure both fluency and comprehension for each student. From this data, teachers can determine the appropriate level to instruct a child in reading. 190 more words

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Test a child for 3 days and over 500 minutes with text levels clearly defined at or above “frustration” level. Yet, that is exactly what the Common Core tests are all about!  Rigor?

Delaware collectively groans as House Bill 334 passes to allow Smarter Balanced Testing to take over

Delaware, did you hear that loud noise earlier this evening?  That was the noise of parents, students, educators and school administrators having a collective groan about the passage of House Bill 334 passing the Delaware House of Representatives.  282 more words

Smarter Balanced Assessment

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This is why we have experts... To prevent things like this..... Can you imagine any of these people on the Manhattan Project?