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THE HORSEMEN Review - ***

(NOTE: This is a reposting of an article I published on Tumblr, a year ago Thursday.)

What I knew about THE HORSEMEN, before I knew anything else about it, was that it was about buzkashi, the Central Asian sport wherein the headless body of a calf must be borne by a man on a horseback to a goal-spot of some kind. 1,273 more words


Attack (1956)

If Richard Aldrich’s loosely fictionalized account of the Battle of the Bulge is less well-known than it should be, then it owes part of its obscurity to his deeply cynical views about the United States Army’s officer corps. 1,796 more words


Che! 1969

One for the so-bad-its-good file, Richard Fleisher’s 1969 drama about Che Guevara (Omar Sharif) and his tortuous friendship with Fiedel Castro (Jack Palance, yes, really, Jack Palance) thoroughly deserves its reputation of a terrible film, but it does have considerable entertainment value. 155 more words


Video of the Week: "The Gentleman"

Our video for this week is the Gunsmoke episode “The Gentleman,” which first aired back on June 7, 1958. Timothy is Tiller Evans, the abusive suitor of saloon girl Boni Damon, played by… 100 more words

Timothy Carey

Pic of the Day: "House of Numbers" revisited

Our pic today is another from House of Numbers (1957), the prison drama with a twist directed by Russell Rouse. Timothy is uncredited as Frenchy, colorful cellmate to Arnie Judlow ( 65 more words

Timothy Carey


Here’s my latest IN THE SPOOKLIGHT column, published in this month’s HWA Newsletter, on the Dan Curtis made-for-television shocker DRACULA (1974).


 IN THE SPOOKLIGHT… 1,124 more words

One - Speech

City Slickers with Jack Palance (Curly) and Billy Crystal (Mitch).

I cannot find the complete text of the speech but starting at 2:08 in this… 292 more words

Movie Speeches