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Lee Van Cleef : A Top Gun

It’s no secret that I have always admired the not so good looking tough guys of cinema. Once the late sixties came around, guys like Lee Van Cleef became household names. 128 more words

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Movie A Day! : 238-242 "Hey man, turn down the lights!"

A short one this week, only five titles. Woe is me! The week kind of got away from me, and I’ve been binge watching other stuff. 929 more words


America Armed ISIS?!! Bill Hicks would believe it...

Did America arm ISIS?  We’ve done it before… over and over and over…

We’ve done it on every corner of this globe: give weapons to people we train to fight other people we hate until they decide to fight us too – so we blow them all up… it’s a revolving door of chaos and death funded by the American taxpayer.

Jack Palance

Jack Palance on TV. The Lodger. I sat on his lap when I was one year old. Encino. A dentist’s office. He cooed. I grinned. 131 more words

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My Favorite Scene: City Slickers (1991) - "One Thing"

When Billy Crystal’s career is all said and done, he’ll most likely be remembered as the pre-eminent Oscar host of the modern age.  There’s no doubting that Crystal is talented and funny, but that has rarely translated to a good screen vehicle.   58 more words


Monster Mania

Monster Mania: An hour-plus DVD ‘history of horror’ cinema hosted by Jack Palance (who, after all, did play Count Dracula in a well-made Dan Curtis ‘made-for-TV’ movie version of… 109 more words

The Heston Cameo

Charlton Heston is for me a great example of a bigger than life film hero during my childhood. Growing up I would be watching him on Sunday afternoon television battling everything from ants in The Naked Jungle to Jack Palance in Arrowhead. 246 more words

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