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Steal Captain Jack Sparrow's magical compass

We rule the lands.
I am guessing that everyone who is reading has watched THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBIEN.Its a very interesting movie and I love the backgrounds and offcourse Jack Sparrow.If I could steal something from Jack Sparrow other than his coolness and The Black Pearl I would steal his magical compass.The compass which shows you what you want. 775 more words

Jack Sparrow vs Po

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This is Jack Sparrow’s final match against the Teletubbies so he’ll definitely need to make it count. It’s hard not to root for Po here, but even I have to admit that the Teletubby is outmatched. 35 more words


Javier Bardem May Join 'Pirates Of The Caribbean

Back in 2012, Javier Bardem used his special brand of terrifying charisma to benefit a franchise when he starred alongside Daniel Craig in the Sam Mendes James Bond film Skyfall. 433 more words


Weird things I do to entertain myself... because I'm weird... part 5...

I like to wear my Captain Jack Sparrow pirate hat… The only place I don’t wear it is at Disneyland. And the only time I don’t wear it is around Halloween… 60 more words


Javier Bardem Likely To Be The Next PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Villain

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and SKYFALL actor Javier Bardem is in final talks to co-star alongside Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES! 95 more words

Disney Pixar Fandom

Jack Sparrow caricature

Henry’s new caricature: Jack Sparrow

Another funny creation of Henry this time involving Captain Jack Sparrow.

If you are curious to discover other creations of this pretty courageous man , please follow him on Twitter: 20 more words

Johnny Depp

A legendary poem on the back of legendary captain Jack Sparrow

A tribute to Max Ehrmann and his most famous poem: Desiderata

It’s one of the most known and legendary poems of all the times: Desiderata. On the back of the most known Pirates of all the times: Captain Jack Sparrow. 576 more words

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