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'Edge of Tomorrow' sits on graves of yesterday

A fusillade of bullets rained down on incoming soldiers, shrouding the beach in blood, debris and smoke.

“What the hell,” says a soldier. “They’re not even supposed to know we’re coming.” 579 more words


Wednesday: Quote of the day

“Once darkness has had a taste of light, it will not stop until it has swallowed the sun.”


                                                 – Jack The Giant Slayer

Monster Week: Godzilla (2014) and Jack The Giant Slayer

First of all…FINALLY…FREE TIME!!! I have done all my school’s works which include: exam, grading exam, giving remedial and retest, calculating the grade, writing report cards and lastly Graduation Ceremony. 745 more words

Excessive Watcher

Jack The Giant Slayer

If you liked Jack the Giant Slayer movie, then you will love to play the game called Jack the Giant Slayer: Fallon’s Fury. In Jack the Giant Slayer: Fallon’s Fury, you are Fallon, the two headed-leader of the giants and your task is to raise havok by running to the castle and smash…

Jack the Giant Slayer

Snow White and the Huntsmen, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. The fairy tales reborn into a present day. The modernizing of fairy tale stories continues in the form of Bryan Singer’s… 415 more words