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57. Rose West's Favourite Podcast

This week, we discuss U2’s invasion of iTunes, a colossal pervert dog, and a man who very literally died by his own hand.



Gotham by Gaslight (1989)

In a steampunk world of 1889, the Batman must hunt down Jack the Ripper to clear his name. This was the first DC “Elseworlds” comic. 8 more words


A Very Popular Murder (Part One)

So, among all the other poignant, pointless and terrifying news stories that broke last week, it was announced in a Daily Mail ‘world exclusive’ that the hunt for the true identity of Jack the Ripper was over (again). 1,141 more words

Blot The Skrip

Aaron Kosminski, Jack the Ripper and Christian Apologetics

One of the most vexing true crime cases is that of Jack the Ripper. The Ripper investigations in many ways were the inspirations for numerous improvements in police methodology and the study of serial murderers. 452 more words

OCD and The Library of Congressesses

My daughter is a compulsive ripper. I am not kidding. When the recycling center gets backed up, they call her to help with paper processing. 164 more words

Our Fam

The Face of Jack the Ripper Revealed

The Face of Jack the Ripper

Last Monday (September 8), I included a post on The Brutality of Jack the Ripper. This is one of my favorite sources on the crime. 175 more words

British History

I don't know who Jack the Ripper was -

- despite the recent news stories announcing that his DNA has been identified.

Read a little closer and that story sounds extremely unlikely. A “shawl” (in reality a piece of material 8ft by 2ft, seemingly designed as a table runner) has been claimed, via a runs-in-the-family bit of lore, to have been taken from a murder scene, some guy buys it, he decides he thinks he knows who the Ripper was, he tests for that guy’s DNA using a direct matrilineal descendent, and to his joy, one imagines, his tame DNA expert makes a positive match. 629 more words