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The unanswerable question

I made it! This is the very last entry in my 26-Week Book Challenge, even if this is an afterlude. Don’t tell me that’s not a word; it is now. 301 more words


Too Straight-Forward?

Is there a place for the straight-forward in genre fiction any more?

It’s a serious question with implications for me at least. You see, I’m under no illusions – I don’t write  593 more words


Other things I've been reading

A Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsay

This is one of those novels that a lot of writers like to cite as being an inspiration, but which doesn’t seem to have much of a popular following. 456 more words

Fragments Of Culture

The Unpronouncables

I generally don’t have any trouble with the English language but here are five books whose titles I just can’t seem to pronounce no matter how I try. 69 more words


Two minds

Finished translating an old soon-to-be-published seminar paper about Jack Vance and sent it off to my helpful proofreaders. The weird thing is that I don’t trust my German even though it’s my native language. 42 more words

Mood setting....The Dying Earth.

The Dying Earth
Jack Vance

So the sun is red and dim; the moon has gone. Most human technology is discarded; forgotten. Mostly, humanity has died-out (bet the Tigers, and the whales are happy about that one!). 313 more words


Pulling The Plug Too Soon

Actually not a novel but a collection of vignettes by Jack Vance, The Dying Earth was published in 1950 as Hillman #41.  One of the short stories in the book was also printed as a teaser in a new magazine produced by Hillman at about the same time as the release of the book.  36 more words