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Day 32: "Choosing a Wedding Venue! Monday October 15th, 2012

“I’m ten years old!”  Jack said with a laugh.

“You are not  ten.  You are four.”  Ramsey said in a frustrated voice.

Try as he might, Jack insisted to Ramsey’s dismay that he was ten – counting from one to ten – over and over. 512 more words


Jack Stash: Rainier Beer Swag Bag & Tbirds Tickets

Celebrate “R” Day October 24th!  When you hear Jack talk about all that fun stuff, get ready to give your fingers a workout and text STASH to 96750. 161 more words


Day Fifty

Three Things I Learned:

1. The Shining movie is very different from The Shining novel, which goes into much more detail about Jack and Wendy’s childhood and family history. 98 more words


Top five Mass Effect squadmates

I love Mass Effect. Like any Bioware game the relationship between the main character and your squad-mates is a massive part of your story. Here I will tell you my FemShep’s top five companions. 410 more words


Sunday 19.10.14

Had a bit of a lie in this morning and didn’t wake up till 8am, prepared our picnic lunch and dinner, then we went to the farm, we had a lovely day with the horses Lynne rode Skye in the school then after Lynne had wore her out I got to ride, then we tried Jack in the school lol he loves it in there not, but Lynne wore him out as well then I got to ride well cool him down around the yard, we got home late afternoon finished cooking dinner and then got a early night watching DVD’S in bed

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A Windswept Day At The Stables

We had a lovely but windy day at the stables the horses came over to us when we called them, we gave them a good groom, then Lynne rode Skye in the school and she was so good and even went over some jumps,by the time I got to ride her, her get up and go had got up and gone, 36 more words

Every Day Stuff