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Jack Stash: Beach Boys & Evergreen State Fair Tickets

Surfin’ USA!  When you hear Jack talk about all that fun stuff, get ready to give your fingers a workout and text STASH to 96750. You instantly qualify to win the entire Stash for the week. 132 more words


All I Have Left Are The Stars In Our Skies

It’s another day

We lie awake in an empty grave

I can feel the past talk to me

The lasting smell of a memory

A conversation with a photograph… 59 more words


Hot off the Press

At the end of the day newspapers are binned and only the popular articles the Journalist wrote would persist on the internet. Unfortunately for people in the theare world they have spent their career trying to be liked, thought the Journalist.   32 more words


Sitting In A Cage All Alone With An Endless Supply Of Unwanted Green Beans

He’s afraid to show her he still cares
She’s afraid he’ll vanish into thin air
They have both been here before
It’s a circle without any doors… 80 more words


If I Only Knew

I took down your walls and let you rebuild

I took all I could and gave you something you could feel

Fragile moments I let slip through the cracks… 61 more words


About Time

Tell me it all wasn’t a ruse and that life is just complicated

If we could go back would you try to escape it

Would you turndown my words in attempt to save your world… 64 more words