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Guest Blog: Sharks4Kids Founder Jillian Morris

Over the last year, our team has had Skype calls with nearly 14,000 students aged 3-18, in 25 countries including Australia, Cambodia,  , Serbia and Kenya. 484 more words


Youtube Phenomenon

Have you ever imagined that you can potentially become a superstar from the video you post on YouTube? This one-night sensation has happened to thousands of people who post videos from their channels without realising it can turn their lives oppositely. 667 more words


London Child

Last week, I purchased a plane ticket. An international plane ticket. A plane ticket that has me departing in January, and returning in May.

My passport and visa forms are at the UK Consulate, awaiting approval by Brits who want to make sure I’m not a murderer or cult leader or croc-wearer. 1,057 more words


My November

by Ivan Thompson

I have to be honest, my November was bad. I hated it. I have personal reasons to hate this month but it has been the same reason why I’ve hated every single month since I started high school. 360 more words

Ivan's Posts


Passion can be defined roughly in two ways(1)a compelling emotion such as love,hate,lust etc.(2)a strong desire,enthusiasm,or fondness for anything/something. A lot is said with the first type but when it comes to the second,we barely get a few pages. 887 more words