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Adventure: Andy Warhol at MOCA

Kelsey: Much like Autumn in Los Angeles, Andy Warhol blows into town infrequently but always leaves his mark, if not his shadow. Or as the case maybe, his entire collection of Shadows at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown LA. 2,121 more words

Patty Barrett

Abstract Expressionism

To give some background, these artists were some of the figureheads of a post-World war two era of painting called abstract expressionism or action painting, I have been asked to choose a piece of work created by each of them and study them. 237 more words


Charles de Gaulle, Romney, and Andy "Warehouse" Warhol: An Unlikely Trio

To the untrained eye, something as complex as the Abstract Expressionist movement of the late 1840s is merely the work of tired black farmhands. Similarly, yet different, Pop Art was also the labor of worn slave appendages. 984 more words