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Canvas.ishardwareAcclerated() displaying false while the flag is set to true in the android manifest for the corresponding activity

In Android Lolipop,I have set the android:hardwareAcclerated=true for the activity, but when I try to check the value for canvas.isHardwareAccelrated for that activity custom view, the value displaying to be false. 20 more words

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How to work with python 2 and 3 [on hold]

I found that some libs depend python2 and some libs work on python3.
I know there is a lib that can port code from python 2 to python 3. 39 more words

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With a 6th grader girl named Jacky N.!

Yoonyoung (YC): What is your dream when you grow up?

Jacky (JN): Beauty school or own a company. 

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How can I calculate ' Variance [ A2([i]+1 ,[j]+1) , A2([i]+2 , [j]+2) ] ' in MATLAB?

I have a matrix

A2=128x128 double.

I want to calculate the variance.

Variance [ A2([i]+1 ,[j]+1) , A2([i]+2 , [j]+2) ] i and j… 38 more words

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