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Power of the Middle

During eighteenth century, the industrial revolution and the fall of monarchies around the world marked the beginning of increasing economic influence by the middle class. This group, which now outnumbered the aristocrats and the poor, had excess cash that allowed them to be patrons of the art. 761 more words

François-Marie Arouet

Hymn 43

As risible as the idea of a “Greater Albania” is, Albanian chauvinism should not be rewarded with further participation in international sporting events. It’s time to drag the Balkans into the twentieth century. 82 more words


Course Notes - Modern Art and Modernity [9.9.14]

I am trying something completely new, which will hopefully become standard for storing my course notes on this blog. Since I habitually scribble all of my notes longhand, I have decided to digitally embed scans of my notebook. 85 more words

Course Notes

— Socrates

Image: Jacques-Louis David, The Death of Socrates, Courtesy of Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Collection, Wolfe Fund, 1931


death of marat

Today marks the 266th birthday of Jacques-Louis David. I almost named my dog Jacques, but I went with Omar. Sorry not sorry.

This is the… 86 more words


Clever Photoshops of Contemporary Magazine Covers Into Classic Artworks

Filipino artist Eisen Bernard knows Tilda Swinton belongs in a work of art — which is why he Photoshopped her into one, along with dozens of other celebrities featured on magazine covers, for his… 137 more words


Embedded Symbolism: The Putin Complex

Barry Blitt, cartoonist for The New Yorker (TNY), has made a career out of political satire. He is possibly best known for his controversial 21 July 2008 cover for TNY of US presidential candidate at the time, Barak Obama. 944 more words

Embedded Symbolism