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Enemy (2013)

As beautiful as it is bizarre, as riveting as it is mystifying, as perplexing as it is symbolic, as surreal as it is cryptic & as ambitious as it is challenging, Enemy is one of the boldest & thought-provoking works of the year that keeps asking for your attention at all times, provides subtle clues in almost every sequence & still manages to leave you puzzled in the end. 727 more words

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Prisoners: Interrogation Scene

URL: http://youtu.be/bKd-BxJRbNM

Title: Prisoners: Interrogation Scene

Genre: Drama

It’s sometime hard do play tough and show some emotion while acting.The video above is  a scene from the movie Prisoners.It’s  a Drama movie starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhad. 63 more words

Hugh Jackman


Satirical thriller Nightcrawler beckons us in to the vulturous industry of capturing human roadkill on tape. Apparently, opportunists can make a tidy sum by being first on the scene of a crime and capturing the tragedy – the bloodier the footage, the bigger the buck. 378 more words

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Jake Gyllenhaal starved himself and shunned friends for 'Nightcrawler'

Lonely, hungry, cranky, and freaky-thin. That was Jake Gyllenhaal during production on his nerve-rattling new drama, Nightcrawler, which hits theaters Oct. 31.

Portraying Lou Bloom—an unscrupulous paparazzo who trawls nocturnal Los Angeles in search of roadside carnage for the insatiable “If it bleeds, it leads” maw of local broadcast news—the actor decided to adopt the “hungry and searching” manner of a coyote. 449 more words


October Sky

Now that it’s October, I feel like it’s appropriate to talk about one of my favorite movies ever: October Sky. It’s not full of action-packed car races, sympathetic villains, sexy British actors, or whatever draws people to the movies these days. 422 more words

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Trailer Tuesday (On Wednesday): Nightcrawler

Behold! The second installment of Trailer Tuesday (On Wednesday) “because I was busy then saw a movie last night” edition. Anyway, Nightcrawler is not the next Marvel film about the popular X-Men character of the same name but a film about underground journalism starring Jake Gyllenhaal. 71 more words