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Jam Profile: Lynnette Shaw and the Republic of Jam

When I volunteered in the preserves section at the Good Food Awards back in the fall, I had the great fortune to take home a jar of Marionberry Espresso Jam. 2,215 more words

Jam Making

Homemade Jam

a selection of mixed varities of my jams i have 13 different types whcih include variations on traditionals and traditionals such as strawberry, apricot, plum, raspberry… 13 more words


1930 Bakery recipe notebook

I recently found a hand written notebook from my Grandpas’s bakery from around 1930.
The bakery was in Bolton, Lancashire in the UK.

It’s a wonderful read and I’ll be trying the recipes in it and posting the results on this blog over the next few months. 47 more words


Blackberry Jam

I have always been a visual learner; “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. So YouTube was an amazing resource for me.

After looking up recipes online and watching many, many YouTube videos of other people’s hints and tips; I had decided that I was going to make a Proper cake. 507 more words



Get the berries that I picked,
Put them in a pot,
Place them on the plate
Of the stove, quite hot.

Let them bubble as they boil, 116 more words


Marmalade Competitions and Cider Experiments

Marmalade awards
Last week an envelope came through the door – the results of the Marmalade Awards. I had entered my Seville into the Dark and Chunky category, and the pink grapefruit and Campari into the Merry. 533 more words


Marmalade making

I had a go at making marmalade in my bread maker.

I found the concept a little strange to comprehend (isn’t a breadmaker for making bread?) until a friend explained it can get really hot, it can mix itself and it’s a nonstick pan. 96 more words

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