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果醬製作坊 Roselle Jam Making in Farm

==關於活動 About the activity  ==

活動: Roselle Jam Making in Farm
日期: 18/10/2014
時間: 2-4:30pm
地點: 大埔農場 (詳情請與 Cherrie 聯絡)
– 簡單介紹自然農法, 簡單講解洛神花的種植方法和分享食用知識/食譜
– *親自在有機農場下田,採收洛神花萼果 (如有收成, 沒有的話會在其他農場找) 59 more words

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bard?: easy like sunday...

Easy like Sunday…

Heaven is
A salted, battered old railway sleeper.
And a much eroded brown lump of concrete aggregate
As big as my head. 437 more words


Day 243

This morning I made spiced plum jam, then this afternoon I set to infusing blackberry vodka… Now I’m thinking about spiced plum vodka :)

I started to make two jars before realising one worked better…


Troubleshooting and Mistakes: Jams and Preserves

The idea with jam is to preserve using sugars, and for jam to set some water must be evaporated off.
If it’s your first time making a jam, test it out and make half the recipe (about 1~1.5 ltrs, about 3~4 400g jars). 2,177 more words

Woof Food

Never Stop Topping-Up The Memory Jar...

Hi All

I guess when you get to a certain age your ‘memory’ jar is pretty full, but surprisingly that jar can always accommodate more, and that’s what I’ve been doing over the last ten days – topping up the memory jar. 975 more words

I'm making Jam again!!

I’m hooked on jam making. It’s so much easier than I ever thought. I was lucky enough to be given some plums from a friendly neighbour. 173 more words

Day 234

Gathering brambles for a couple hours earlier gained me a walk and 2kg of juicy berries. All cooked up now and straining ready to make jelly tomorrow…and cake! 65 more words