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Weh yuh say? Jamaican Patois for beginners

Yeah mon! 

Serving as a PCV in an English speaking country certainly has its perks. While I’m probably lost in translation (wonderful film, by the way) a little less than say, someone who has to learn a narrowly-spoken African dialect, it doesn’t mean that I always get the full picture. 298 more words

Peace Corps

Float like a fish

Greetings bredren and sistren!

Whatagwan in mi life? NUFF TINGS, I’ve been so busy!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been lucky to come into contact with a couple of really great organizations. 402 more words

Peace Corps

Single over 30 in Ja.

Long ago the spinster was the old hag over 30 that most men no longer found attractive or worthy as a functional house slave. Think about the history… 216 more words

Gospel songs I can't stop singing

Christianity is, put simply, a really big deal here. Aside from daily devotions at school, religious studies as a required subject in all public schools and Jamaica’s claim to have… 330 more words

Peace Corps