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Thoughts on James Agee's A Death in the Family (by Bethany)

A while ago, I posted about something called the Countdown to Concision challenge. For the first year and a half we had this blog, my posts typically ran in the 3500-4000-word range, and I wanted to coax myself to get to my points more quickly. 1,943 more words

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Inspired by A Death in the family from James Agee

Every week, I add a post inspired by either music or books.

For books, I use my personal library. What I write can be a reflection on the book, how I got it, what I found inside the book, or flash fiction inspired by something I read on either page 2015, 215, or 15. 903 more words

Flash Fiction

Irrealis Mood

The part I’m caught on is “instantly.” This is a platitude, yet somehow carries a weight of authority. Instantly–we accept it, and its comforting implications. That there was no time to react. 375 more words

A Musical Interlude

With Chanucah starting tonight, it’s time to take a break from wars, terrorism and election politics and devote some time to those things which make life bearable – music, literature, things like that… 1,238 more words


"Both a Scientist and an Artist"

This quote came to me in the form of a Goodreads “Quote of the Day” email, so if you’re reading this and getting excited about the fact that I’m writing about James Agee, I’m sorry to inform you that I’ve never read anything by him aside from this quote. 347 more words