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James Blake: Retrograde

James Blake is a sound that breaks the mold. His most popular song, Retrograde, is the perfect example of how he infuses his soft voice with electronic beats to create a romantic serenade that is unlike any other song out there. 121 more words


REVIEW: James Blake - "200 Press"

JONNA: Upon my first listen to this song, it reminded me of a gladiator trying to build up momentum to spin a large boulder around in a circle. 400 more words


Inspired by James Blake - RetroGrade

When I first heard James Blake’s RetroGrade I knew that one day I will do something with this song and apparently that day has arrived. 153 more words

Ido8all- Feel

James Blake Live @ NPR

I feel like I probably posted about James Blake somewhere on here before. But why not post about him again, he’s a pretty damn good musician and more people should be aware of his talent and music. 185 more words



As I headed to work through an icey cold and misty Oxford this morning I relented to the fact that autumn is undoubtedly underway. Despite the plummeting temperature I have to appreciate what a fantastic season it is; conkers litter the ground, sunsets seem more intense, sunflower competitions have been won, and home-grown sweetcorn is finally on the table.  477 more words


Shaun Evaristo presents Retrograde

The man… Shaun Evaristo.

This was posted 3 days ago by Shaun on his youtube page and wow… what an amazing and delightful piece of artwork he has presented to the world. 190 more words


James Blake: "We make mistakes all the time. That's the beauty of doing things completely live."

By Lennat Mak

“You’d have to excuse me. I’m just eating some bread,” mumbles James Blake over the phone from his London apartment. Apparently, the British singer/songwriter is taking things very easy with just two phone interviews scheduled for the day, thus opting for a late breakfast. 2,109 more words