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Isn’t bashing the middle class still snobbery, just inverted?

Dear everyone,


I’ve been following the recent kerfuffle about James Blunt and privilege and being ‘posh’. I haven’t read every single piece written but I did chuckle over his reply to Chris Bryant ( 910 more words

James Blunt Stopped World War III...

… possibly.

Source: Jon S

Most surprising of all is the title of the link as it appeared on the BBC News website all that time ago. 311 more words


On Being Posh, And James Blunt

I am posh. You would probably guess that, to meet me. But not as posh as I may seem. I went to a reasonable public school, not one of the household names. 444 more words

An open letter to James Blunt from a working class American

Dear James Blunt,

I get it. I know what it’s like to be mocked for my accent. I too have have looked around me and found no one who could guide my career. 1,244 more words


Blunt speaking, gimps and wazzocks

I QUITE like James Blunt. This has nothing to with his music, which to my ear has all the cadences of free cat-nadgering day at the PDSA. 890 more words