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Hello, My Name Is Ashchf Lshtshfum

This post is a promised continuation of  the  Crime Scene Investigation. Russian Mafia. The focus, however, will be shifted from movie reviews to nit-picking. 741 more words


U is for Unchangeable and Unchanging Characters

Some characters are unchangeable, unchanging, and in fact, have no business changing.

This isn’t the normal thing that is taught in writing classing and it is not the normal writing advice given. 345 more words


Last Blog! Blog 11 (Skyfall)

For our last Bond blog, we’re thinking about Skyfall. Noah Berlatsky’s article from The Atlantic argues that Skyfall undoes the changing gender roles of the newer Daniel Craig Bond through its representations of M, Silva, and Séverine. 254 more words

Welcome ...

My first post … actually my 2nd attempt at a WordPress site here about James Bond 007.

Just experimenting … so enjoy !