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The Fremont Bridge

A view of the Fremont Bridge looking east from the vantage point of Forest Park in Northwest Portland. The Fremont Bridge spans the Willamette River and is the second largest tied-arch bridge in the world (after Caiyuanba Bridge across the Yangtze River in China). 26 more words

Do monopoly concessions increase or decrease gambling?

Do monopoly concessions such as for casinos and the TAB increase or decrease gambling? Is the under-supply of output by a monopoly a good or a bad thing when the good itself is seen as a bad. 200 more words

Industrial Organisation

Buchanan Memory

Statue of James Buchanan, Washington’s Meridian Hill Park.

Tax reforms lead to higher taxes

After the 1970s tax revolts and California’s Proposition 13, Buchanan and Brennan wrote The Power to Tax. Their message was if you don’t always trust governments, beware of efficient taxes. 367 more words

Public Choice

Hamlet Without the Prince

This must be or must have been a common expression, perhaps limited to academic settings. I encountered it twice recently, and thought I would share the places. 291 more words

C.S. Lewis

The Best Biographies of James Buchanan

The more I learned about James Buchanan, the more he seemed a mix of equal parts of John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren and Franklin Pierce- with pastoral Pennsylvanian rather than New England roots. 437 more words