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The two most important methods of studying theology

In the preface to this work on Justification, we read:

“There are various
methods of teaching Theology, but the most important
are the Historical and the Logical. 171 more words

Judaism And Christianity

A Case Study of Lydia: And the Spirit's Work in the Conversion of Sinners

Taken from, “The Spirit’s Work in the Conversion of Sinners”
Written by, James Buchanan
Material adapted from Monergism

THERE is one important circumstance which was common to all those cases of conversion that are recorded in Scripture… 3,079 more words

The Economy of the Trinity in the Work of Soteriology

Taken from, The Doctrine of Justification,
Written by, James Buchanan.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are revealed as concurring together in the whole purpose and plan of man’s redemption; but as sustaining, each of them, a distinct office, and undertaking a different part of the work, in carrying that purpose and plan into effect… 1,171 more words

Human Beings as Machines

Trapped: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom

Adam Curtis

BBC (2007)

Film Review

Part 2 The Lonely Robot

Part 2 takes a close look at the role American economist James Buchanan played in extending free market economic theory to human biology, politics and governments. 481 more words

Media Censorship And Propaganda

5 Presidents Who Hated The Job

Being president is a sweet gig. The White House staff is at your beck and call. You have Air Force One to take you anywhere in the world on short notice, no TSA lines at the airport. 1,806 more words


The First American Civil War?

Less than a decade before the Civil War there was another, lesser-known conflict between American citizens, or citizens of American-held territories, and the federal government over state’s/territory’s rights. 922 more words