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Bitter Honeymoon

‘Thereafter the relationship continued as it had begun. For all that the Princess was amiable and eager to please, there was no denying that she was slovenly and she smelt. 337 more words

Charlotte's Early Life I (1796 - 1805)

Embarrassing Marriage Ceremony

‘But there was no going back. Three days later Princess Caroline waited for her groom at the altar of the Royal Chapel, swaying precariously in an enormous, old – fashioned wedding dress with huge hoops inside it and broad ribbons with preposterously big bows wrapped around the outside – it had been chosen for her by the Queen. 299 more words

Charlotte's Early Life I (1796 - 1805)

The Pennsylvania Militiaman Fighting for Virginia? How Land Disputes Confuse Everyone

In a forthcoming article for the Journal of the American Revolution, I lay out the complexities of the Pennsylvania Militia system in 1777. In order to prevent the reader from banging his head against a desk repeatedly while trying to comprehend it, don’t worry, I provided several very useful graphics, charts, and diagrams in order to pictorially explain it. 1,825 more words

American History

Interrupted Journey

‘They left for England on 29 December. On orders from London, they took the shortest route, expecting to meet up with the British squadron which, they were told, would be waiting for them off the coast of Holland. 380 more words

Charlotte's Early Life I (1796 - 1805)

Shock On The Brunswick Court

‘So a heartbroken but dignified Mrs Fitzherbert retired to a beautiful villa by the Thames at Twickenham, Marble Hill, and the greatest British diplomat of the age, James Harris, who had been created Baron Malmesbury six years earlier, was instructed to go to Brunswick and escort Princess Caroline to England (…)He reached Brunswick on 20 November and was “much embarrassed” on being presented to Princess Caroline. 210 more words

Charlotte's Early Life I (1796 - 1805)