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         The traditional positivistic picture of science is one that is derived from a traditional positivistic epistemology. The epistemology says that we have sense impressions, these sense impressions are momentary consciousness events that are always passive and are in a modality. 917 more words

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A Brief History of Photography: Part 7 - The Dawn of Color

While the advancement of photography steadily progressed from daguerreotypes, through calotypes, wet plate collodion, dry gelatin plate, on to celluloid film, one aspect of this progress was a constant – the images obtained were monochromatic or gray scale, exhibiting a tonal response from white through gray to black. 1,686 more words


Propaganda against an independent Scotland goes into full gear! So here are some facts!

100 days today till the vote that will free my country from austerity and a regime out to look after their own and their own pockets. 2,889 more words