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GREAT FILM MOMENTS: Vincennes visits Capt. Smith in L.A. Confidential (1997)

This contains full *SPOILERS* for the film L.A. Confidential

Curtis Hanson’s 1997 crime classic L.A. Confidential was one of the best films of 90s. Featuring excellent performances from a great cast including then unknowns Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce as well as Kevin Spacey, James Cromwell, Kim Basinger and Danny DeVito, the film centred on a labyrinth plot in the policing and criminal underworld of 1950s Los Angeles where everything isn’t as it seems and no one is safe. 390 more words


L.A. Confidential (1997)

It’s no secret that many people love this movie. I know why. It is a very gritty film and is very well cast. I could list off a multitude of actors that impressed me, but just look at the all-star cast list and just know that they all did very well. 130 more words


Review: The Artist

I don’t normally go hunting for Academy Award Winners… but even I must admit that The Artist is a pretty exceptional piece of craftsmanship.

One could argue that this is backwards thinking; why rejuvenate cinema nearly 100 years old? 300 more words


Watch: Baymax and Hiro Talk Emergency Preparedness in BIG HERO 6 Promo

What’s looking to be another huge success for Disney is Big Hero 6, with its quite large but adorable Baymax as Hiro’s sidekick robot. 137 more words

Disney Pixar Fandom

The Trials of Cate McCall (2013)

D: Karen Moncrieff / 89m

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Nick Nolte, James Cromwell, Mark Pellegrino, Anna Anissimova, Taye Diggs, Kathy Baker, Clancy Brown, Brendan Sexton III, David Lyons, Ava Kolker, Isaiah Washington, Dale Dickey, Amanda Aday… 870 more words


What Zefram Cochrane Can Teach Us About Global Innovation: Don't Be a Dickhead

As the NWR offices stir from the first, morning sunlight, I sit here, alone, at my rickety desk my boss found in the alley behind the bar and think of the world in which I live and wonder if I would ever have meaningful conversations with Star Trek characters — specifically Zefram Cochrane. 663 more words


WATCH: Baymax Comforts Hiro in BIG HERO 6 "Major" TV Spot

Check out this TV Spot for Big Hero 6, where they focus on Hiro and his friends that help fight crime. Oh, and there’s Baymax. 33 more words

Disney Pixar Fandom