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Another workweek comes to an end

Finished reading this last night. Ellroy kind of faltered in the final stretch, like he suddenly realized the story has gone on too long and decided to finish it in a frenzy. 45 more words

James Ellroy

Another workweek comes to an end

… and here’s essentially how my weekend is gonna be.

Also, these recent leaks gifts from the Internet fairy:


#285 LA Confidential

(1997, Curtis Hanson)
“It’ll look like justice. That’s what the man got. Justice.”

For some reason, this review appears to be missing from the spot it’s supposed to be in, and I don’t know what went wrong. 719 more words


Morning Woody

Was up until 3 a.m. today watching this. Got super stoked after learning James Ellroy co-wrote the screenplay. And look at that cast! Will watch anything with Woody Harrelson in it. 36 more words


Not wild enough

Halfway through Dave Eggers’ The Wild Things now. Sad to say but it’s boring the shit out of me. A kid, a bunch of monsters, an island.  128 more words

James Ellroy

L.A. Confidential


I’ve been hearing about this movie for some time, but never got around to watching it. I’m glad I did.

L.A. Confidential is one of of the best detective/police film since  309 more words


The Aesthetics of Dirt

One of the more interesting reviews of James Ellroy’s The Cold Six Thousand is by Richard Gehr who, writing in the Village Voice, sets up a comparison between Ellroy’s novel and Don Delillo’s… 1,244 more words

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