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An Inner Alchemy

Following on from the post I wrote yesterday and having read a comment made by Ursula I am prompted to write this blog.

Yesterday, partly as a response to reading Therese Borchard’s blog : … 1,009 more words


Life Transitions or "Seeing Through" Part III

The first two parts of this three part series are about women are in transition; Sandra and Pamela . In this, the third and final part of this series, I stand back from the literal historical events of these two histories. 877 more words


Customer Experience As Idea, Not Methodology Nor Technology

As a thinker, I am struck by how rare original thinking is in the organisational world. As a thinker, I am struck by how little thinking – as in stopping and reflecting on that which is occurring and the pattern of this occurrence – occurs in organisations. 984 more words

Customer Experience

Dig Deeply for the Gold


The underworld is a realm of only psyche, a purely psychical World. What one meets there is soul, as the figures Ulysses meets—Ajax,Anticlea, Agamemnon—are called psyches,  466 more words

BE2: Friday Life Path Mapping Results

Friday Philosophy...Bliss

Today was the day: my first book signing took place from 11 this morning until 5 this evening. I had an amazing group of people come through all day – both friends and loved ones, as well as perfect strangers. 128 more words


First Word

First Word

Rose Baby’s first word

Faintly blue and Rightly torn.

Looking out

over a hidden smile.

Tiny yellow sun


Above Whitecaps



An Epiphany on Dia de Los Muertos

An Epiphany on Dia de Los Muertos

if ever you desire to plant a tree for me
please make it a sycamore
or some other soft leafed tree… 191 more words

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