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"You See Yourself in Others"--Family-Based Archetypal Projections

Archetypal psychology á la Carl G. Jung or James Hillman or Carolyn Myss—or via a unique Life Mapping approach I will be introducing you to in… 847 more words

Life Mapping Tools

McMansions and the Extinguishing of Hestia

Roughly two weeks ago I wrote two posts concerning the importance of myths in our lives (“Homo mythicus”) and briefly wrote on the characters of those myths–the gods, in an effort to situate the context from which future posts on “things mythical” would proceed (“Who are th gods anyway?). 1,974 more words

QUOTE OF THE DAY: James Hillman on imagination

For a relationship to stay alive, love alone is not enough. Without imagination, love stales into sentiment, duty, boredom. Relationships fail not because we have stopped loving but because we first stopped imagining. 8 more words

Quote Of The Day

A Parable

Rahim and Zaghali followed and listened to him explain how the pistachios and hazelnuts were doing “exceedingly well this year,” but the almonds “left a little to be desired.” 1,018 more words

Amer-I-can Upanishad: A Social Commentary

Become flexible. Reduce stress. Lose weight. Better health. Get exercise. Meditate. Center yourself. It’s trendy.

My Introduction to World Religion class’s response to why Americans practice yoga. 2,048 more words

Who are the gods anyway?

While a student a Pacifica Graduate Institute, earning my doctorate in Mythological Studies, I naturally learned a variety of ways of defining the gods. Such definitions primarily stemmed from the tradition of depth psychology–namely Jungian schools of thought and discussions of archetypes. 908 more words