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James Joyce's 115th Dream

‘Most books develop their themes through the plot and the way the characters change over time. Finnegans Wake uses those techniques to some extent, but mostly he uses others. 333 more words

Don't Fear the Editor

Last night, after seven full days of ploughing laboriously from one page to the next, I finally completed Donna Tartt’s latest novel, The Goldfinch. At 770 pages it was quite the slog. 672 more words

Other Writers

Looking For Inspiration

I’m a writer, looking for inspiration

Hoping to avoid the grisly realisation,

That stark desperation

And impending frustration,

At my imagination’s constipation,

Which is blocking inspiration… 487 more words

Crap Poetry Corner

The Dead

 Who and what are “the dead” in James Joyce’s final short story of Dubliners? It is an ominous title for a story which seems to have a much more optimistic tone than the previous stories. 461 more words

Digital Humanities

Two Things to Bother Me Recently (Plus More of My Origin Story)

Last weekend, over a text message conversation, I was asked if I do yoga or meditate. I said I was just getting into both.

Why did I say that? 739 more words