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Defiance S02 E06: This Woman's Work

Amanda’s hooked on drugs and Stahma rules the roost, but not everyone is happy with her liberated way of thinking. Our Castithan Vixen might have bigger problems than Datak and Rafe joining forces. 758 more words


Defiance S02 E05: Putting the Damage On

Defiance can be a pretty dangerous place especially if you’re a woman. Stahma has thrown out the obnoxious Datak with the trash, but will she pay dearly for this defiant stand? 792 more words


A Weak Defence? A Dilemma for a Fight Fan

The iconic images of Mohammed Ali standing over a knocked down Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear and 45 year old George Foreman… 891 more words


Defiance S02 E04: Beast of Burden

Holy freaking homecoming from hell! How many of my little Votans thought that our little Stahma was a goner on last week’s episode? Thank goodness Alak was there to save mommy dearest from crazy Datak. 822 more words


Defiance S02 E03: The Cord and the Ax

Everyone wants to be the boss, but when you’re occupied by the Earth Republic; they hold all the cards. While Datak and Dr. Yewll waste away in the E Rep’s prison, Stahma butts head with Pottinger. 912 more words


James Murray ‎– Mount View

Slowcraft Records, 2014

1. Long Light (5:34)

2. Meaning In Another (4:26)

3. Climb The Rise (7:39)

4. Mount View (7:33)

5. These Hands (4:50) 14 more words