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A Beautiful Soundtrack -DINOSAUR 2002

Lately I have been listening to numerous soundtracks from various movies that I have watched and/or that I have yet to see. What’s interesting with the movies I have already seen, now listening to the soundtracks just blow me away and faint memories of the scene in the movies I see differently. 92 more words


Music for Writing: Beauty

I sometimes find it hard to get in the zone when describing an amazing discovery, or that moment when something beautiful is revealed or realised. These tracks always give me that little push of inspiration – I hope they work for you, too! 61 more words


Music for Writing: Adventure

Personally, I love listening to instrumental music while writing. It can sometimes be hard to find the appropriate playlist though, so I’ll be sharing some of mine here. 110 more words


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The music of James Newton Howard, composed for “Catching Fire”, is now available for piano solo!  Eleven pieces from the second of  The Hunger Games trilogy are included in this book of sheet music from the movie.  80 more words

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A few items of special (read: "geeky") interest for sale

Howdy — with twenty-five days left before we have to be out of our house in Bloomington (with it being somewhat up in the air when precisely we’ll land in Boston), I have a few special items for sale that it may be easier to deal directly on rather than wait for somebody to find them on Amazon. 163 more words