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Anaheim Mailbox: James Vanderbilt of Team Tait Hit For "Educator" Claim

The surviving official member of Team Team is James Vanderbilt, Jose Moreno’s colleague on the Anaheim City School District Board of Education

Vanderbilt has also been on the receiving end of at least three hit pieces in the last week, all from the OCTax PAC. 70 more words

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Dan Rather Political Drama 'Truth' to Shoot in Australia

Robert Redford- and Cate Blanchett-starring political drama “Truth” is to shoot in Australia from early 2015.

The decision to shoot in Sydney, New South Wales, for eight weeks was announced by NSW deputy premier and minister for the arts Troy Grant. 150 more words


Anaheim in Wonderland: $100,000 For Team Tait War On Kris Murray and Gail Eastman

It’s October, so there are quite a few independent expenditures being conducted to influence the outcome of the mayoral and council races, as well as the balloting on Measure L (which would replace the current at-large council election system with by-district elections. 1,171 more words

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Daniel Sterling Lamb reblogged this on Sterling's Court and commented:

Candidate for Council James Vanderbilt (depicted above)  is a blank slate. He has no opinions on the record. The guy really feels like an inanimate rod. I think we can assume that he will be in the pocket of Mayor Tait... or... Tait co-conspirator Jose F. Moreno... I tend to think the latter because while Tait is not actually interested in governing Anaheim, Moreno has quite the agenda. imageimage In endorsing the candidate, Mayor Tait merely points to Vanderbilt's military service. Fair enough, but I wonder if Tait encouraged either of his boys to enter the service. Doubt it, just more disingenuous from Tait. He would only encourage the children of others to fight overseas. image

Team Tait in the Mail

Team Tait (at least as it was constituted until last week) began hitting Anahem voters’ mailboxes last week. As is customary with initial mailers, these were positives: Tait’s highlighting accomplishments, while Pettibone’s and Vanderbilt’s were introductory in nature. 59 more words

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Team Tait Version 4.0

Anaheim Insider here.

The council candidate slate of James Vanderbilt and Doug Pettibone are being promoted as “Team Tait.” A more accurate label would be Team Tait Version 3.0, because this is the third iteration in four years. 373 more words

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Anaheim's Stepford Candidates

Anaheim Insider here.

In the classic 1970s novel and film The Stepford Wives, the husbands of the fictional Connecticut town of Stepford had perfected a way to create perfectly submissive, supportive wives: Stepford Wives.. 226 more words

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The Trail in Anaheim: Sign Stalking

Crucial vote-by-mail begins in a few weeks and Team Tait is no where to be seen in Anaheim Hills. 17 more words