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VIDEODROME directed by David Cronenberg (Canada, 1983)

David Cronberg is commonly regarded as (delete as appropriate) sick / inspired/ depraved /visionary /crazy. It’s probably safest to say he can be all of these things. 278 more words


(Good) Friday, April 18, 2014 - Inbound - trainspottingChicago

Good morning and Good Friday to all.

I’m on the unobservant 7:30AM into the City. Thank God for the Godless. It seems that there are a lot of penitent riders on this train, as these good Christian folk are not here going to work, but instead spending the day contemplating nailing the Messiah. 334 more words



I’ve always felt Apple products were a triumph of style over substance. They sell a perception that makes you feel cool but their products don’t perform any better than their cheaper competitors. 68 more words

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Based on a True Story can go either way.

Too schmaltzy and hollywoody and it can suck balls at the highest level but it can also tell an intimate story that make have the power to move. 250 more words


'Scratch a liberal, find a fascist': Actor James Woods slams the 'liberal mob'

Amen. Conservative actor James Woods has returned to Twitter, and as before his hiatus, he’s not pulling any punches.

He shared a link to… 195 more words

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Traveling With Kids - Legoland - Bricksburg

The City of Bricksburg.

The only thing the Prettiest-girl-in-the-world wanted was to see the set from the lego movie, the place where everything is awesome. 518 more words