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Looking Ahead

I wander and ponder all of my regrets,
My thoughts echo, somber, inside of my head,
Will I have an impact,
When I’m gone and dead? 85 more words

James and Paul, duking it out... Or do they?

By Kris (with a “K”)

In the coming weeks you’ll be reading a series of post centered around answering the question: Would James and Paul be able to have a beer together? 181 more words



Tranquil is the evening sky,
Passing on it’s way,
Nature tires, as she sighs,
Ready for a pristine day.

Swallows sing their farewell song,
While waiting on the stars, 32 more words

The Lover's Pledge

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a very special girl. She isn’t from the UK but I hope she likes this:

I’ve made a vow, to only you… 175 more words


7 months

Dear Grace,

Wowsers, little girl, time flies.  You’re seven months old today, full of spunk and chubby legs.  Your brother adores you, you are captivated by him, and your daddy and I love every minute. 449 more words


Verse I

I. It’s required for everyone to go to church every Sunday, and Elliot, like everyone else, duly follows these rules. He walks in with his family, seats himself in one of the pews in the front, and waits for the soothing drone of the priest’s sermon to start so the words, the messages can envelop him in the comforting warmth that he is one of God’s chosen. 4,719 more words