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Oh ... At Times I Wept When Thinking Of Them ...

I have tried to do the calculations, but do not yet have the confidence to actually put my semi-educated estimates into practice …. yet. My perplexing dilemma is trying to accurately calculate how much additional insulin would be required to afford… 551 more words


A New Lease on...Leasing

Landlords across the city are embracing non-traditional leases in the hope of avoiding two problems: a less than fresh roster of tenants and empty rental space. 1,384 more words

"The one way of making people hang together is to give 'em a spell of the plague"*...

Officials in West Africa plan to erect a cordon sanitaire around areas affected by the Ebola virus. The drastic tactic—a strict quarantine encircling an infected area, allowing no residents to exit—has been only rarely used since the end of World War I… and then, as in China, for suspect reasons and of questionable effect (see… 358 more words

Traces of the Past

I miss digging through archives. I am finished with my dissertation research and am spending my days writing and revising. The sources that I pored over in person in library reading rooms I now only encounter on a computer screen. 582 more words


Examine yourselves

Last week I spoke on the importance of being a Berean, to check everything that you are taught against scripture. I also gave you some principles to try to help with that (Who, what, where, when, why and How). 2,273 more words


The Eve Of... Mid-August Residency Update

Self-initiating a residency is a risky proposition.

It’s taken me longer than I planned, but today I finally started moving into a larger studio for… 242 more words

The Eve Of...