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Flea markets of Janpath- Exploring Clientele

Jayashree Narayanan and Monisa Nadeem

Delhi is known for its flea markets. One of the most popular being Janpath in the heart of the city, Connaught Place. 11 more words


Sufi Music, Beyond Cultures

Naureen Khan, Prerna Lidho and Karan Dhar

Sufi music is not only confined to India but has a global appeal. Robin from Germany came all the way to feel the Sufi culture, listen to the Qawwali that place in Nizzamuddin Daraga. 19 more words

Journey of a man with a cure

Unani medicines are seen as a form of alternative medicine. Meet Hakim Zaki Mohd. Khan, a hakim (traditional doctor) in Old Delhi who gives an insight into his life in his own words. 23 more words

What boys do for entertainment in Hostel?

Muahmmed Faisal.K

What boys do for their entertainment in Jamia hostel apart from academic studies. What are the changes with their entertainment activities from home. 16 more words

Good To Verse

by Aaqib Raza Khan

Poetry is a an art which uses language in one of its purest and most powerful forms. It has the power to say something without actually saying it. 35 more words