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What boys do for entertainment in Hostel?

Muahmmed Faisal.K

What boys do for their entertainment in Jamia hostel apart from academic studies. What are the changes with their entertainment activities from home. 16 more words

Good To Verse

by Aaqib Raza Khan

Poetry is a an art which uses language in one of its purest and most powerful forms. It has the power to say something without actually saying it. 35 more words

What Makes People Sing

Naureen Khan

Music and singing is a joy for people. A stress buster to some and sometimes a partner in tears. What makes you sing and is a part of life. 30 more words

Vil ta steget opp

Lørdag er det klar for årets siste PGP-kvalik på Bar Barista i Bergen, og denne uken presenterer vi de som konkurrerer om finaleplass i Grieghallen lørdag 3. 283 more words

Parodi Grand Prix

The issue of language in India

Sheikh Saaliq | Vatsala Singh | Uzair Rizvi

New Delhi, Feb 19: The last foreign language to hold sway in India is English, which to this day continues to play a prominent role in Indian life. 116 more words

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Tribal art gallery in New Delhi

Art is the medium of telling stories. Folklores that imbibe the culture and social scenes of the place. This is what is showcased in Gond art which comes from the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. 164 more words