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Two for intrigue, Man on a Ledge & Inside Man.

Man On A Ledge, stars Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris. This was one of those that got me hooked right away and I couldn’t leave my seat until the end. 65 more words


Second Breakfast: A Clever Pun on the Word 'Filth'

Before plunging too completely into Octoberween, it’s important to take some time and just review the pre-Halloween months, because after Halloween it’s officially Oscar Season until February, and people often end up about forgetting about the movies they saw February-September. 896 more words

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Snowpiercer Review

Some films go through distribution hell. Having been released in various territories as early as August 2013, Snowpiercer, as of September 2014, has yet to reach UK screens (though it is available to purchase from overseas). 505 more words


Filth (2013)

James McAvoy is a good actor. He’s usually playing the good guy, from the excellent biopic The Last King of Scotland to the only-slightly-less-realistic (ahem) X-Men prequels, but in… 505 more words



News from 20th Century Fox came Thursday afternoon stating some schedule changes from a few of it’s films, changes that obviously are meant to hopefully gain the same success as a few of this year’s franchises. 203 more words

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Living on Netflix: Filth

You know, I don’t think people give James McAvoy enough credit.  Sure he’s gotten a lot of critical success through the X-Men movies, but take a look through his filmography and you’ll see some serious acting chops.  4,124 more words


Don’t Commit Crimes in Scotland – Filth (2013)

Sometimes being bad is just bad.  So this is about crooked Scottish cop Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy) who is battling not only with his colleagues for a promotion, but also with himself, as he is consistently deteriorating with alcoholism, drug abuse and questionable sexual practices.   521 more words