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Highlights of April 23th

- A few days before the marathon my hamstring decided to act up a bit, today it feels much better
- Nomming on banana pancakes….again… 114 more words


Highlights of April 17th

- Muis is checking out the house, Kiwi is keeping a close eye
- Later on Vlinder came checking out what Muis was doing
- Listening to the new album of Di-rect* 33 more words


Highlights of April 16th

- For the first time Muis went to check out the livingroom on her own
- Was feeling cold all day*
- Watching the movie Sparks* 38 more words


Nymph()maniac: Volume 2

It appears I’m a bit late with this review—sorry about that. But I’m happy to report that the conclusion of Lars von Trier’s epic sex film… 505 more words


The Shows I'm Watching and You Should Too: Turn

I’ve always found the Revolutionary War interesting and a fun subject to study. I like military strategy, and for some reason (probably my years playing Warhammer miniatures games) I prefer studying older conflicts where armies move in more rigid formations…though I guess during the Revolution the Americans broke this meta with their guerilla warfare. 446 more words

TV Shows

tv review - AMC's Turn, episode 1.3

‘Of Cabbages And Kings’ is the Turn episode that makes it abundantly clear that this series isn’t headed for greatness. I’ve been quite lenient with the first two outings of the show: a new show has to find its footing, set a tone and introduce its players. 564 more words


TURN S03E03: Of Cabbages and Kings

I didn’t make that title up! That’s the real, honest-to-goodness title of this episode y’all. I’m honestly surprised they used this one so early. Seems like it could be applicable to any number of future episodes.