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Jamie Davis, Ben Richards, Peter Ash, Tom Swire and Marcel McCalla shirtless in Footballer's Wives 4-09 "Episode 9"

Sadly over the series the extreme nudity of Footballer’s Wives has been dwindling away, but as long as they keep having locker room scenes I am a fan.


Tom Swire nude in Footballer's Wives 4-07 "Episode 7"

Tom Swire plays Seb who tries to break up his Dad and Stepmum, by causing all sorts of problems including walking around naked in front of her.


Ben Price nude in Footballer's Wives 4-06 "Episode 6"

The twists and turns keep coming in Footballer’s Wives. Bruno’s club isn’t going well while he is shirtless, Shannon complicates Harley’s life while he is shirtless but not only does Conrad get his bum out again, but also a ridiculously large tattoo on his back.