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Jamie Kennedy Is At Belcourt For A Screening Of "Scream": Here's Some Film Trivia

What’s your favorite scary movie?

If you answered Scream you’re in luck. And why wouldn’t you? The Wes Anderson film redefined the teen horror film, toeing the line between satirical comedy and a truly terrifying slasher flick with impressive dexterity. 457 more words

Quickie Review: Bowfinger (1999)

A Hollywood satire of… Hollywood – gets better every time

“We’re trying to make a MOVIE here not a FILM!”

Quickie Review

Interview with Rebecca Rowley

On this Wasted Wednesday we snagged some time with Rebecca Rowley to chat about her process, what its like being a Cat, the level of skill it takes to scare the shit out of some tourists (and win awards for it!), and whether or not she may shank us. 76 more words


Here's An Excruciating New Clip From 'The Hungover Games'

If you have $14.99 burning a hole in your pocket and there’s not a single movie left on Earth that you haven’t already watched and you hate charity, then you can already… 324 more words

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