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[PICS] Taylor Swift Throws Star-Studded Fourth of July Party Weekend With Emma Stone, Jaime King, Lena Dunham: Pictures

Taylor Swift had a Fourth of July party with a number of star guests. The ladies went swimming and baked a patriotic-themed red and white cake and an apple pie. 28 more words


Taylor Swift's Celebrity 4th Of July Super Party [PICS]

Apparently our invites got lost in the mail to Taylor Swift’s awesome star-studded Fourth of July party over the weekend. Lena Dunham, Ingrid Michaelson, Jessica Szohr, Emma Stone, Jamie King and a few others were there. 234 more words


A Note on Being Irrelevant:

Dear Betches,

Honestly becoming irrelevant should be a college betches biggest fear (besides like getting fat or getting sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning). At least I know it’s mine. 350 more words

A Note on Makeup: Make Up Forever Pro-Finish Powder

Greetings fellow College Betches,

This is the first article on our beauty page, woo! (Cue round of applause.) Like most betches, I adore Sephora trips and binge buying drugstore makeup, but it can be overwhelming. 399 more words

A Note on The Real College Betches:

Welcome to Illyria! (Who doesn’t love a good reference from Amanda Bynes golden years?) We’re here for a few simple reasons. We’ve seen all those fake “college” twitters/instagrams/etc. 186 more words

Jamie King & Katrina Bowden Spice Up The 2014 FIFA World Cup McDonald's Launch Party

Pictured: Katrina Bowden and Jamie King

Woohoo! The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off next week! OW!

The big launch event, which apparently featured an endless flow of fries, was held last night at Pillars 38 in NYC. 49 more words


Craptastic Movie Night: My Bloody Valentine

I love horror movies. I REALLY love bad horror movies. I REALLY REALLY love horror movies that have the movie’s Big Bad kill off characters in fully ridiculous and excessively gorey ways (Final Destination movies, I’m looking at you–high five). 644 more words