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The Fog

In John Carpenter’s The Fog, the town of Antonio Bay is about to celebrate its centennial anniversary.  Around midnight, a group of children listen to the story of a doomed ship, the Elizabeth Dane, that sparked the town’s establishment.   429 more words

October Haunts

10 Days of Halloween – Halloween/H20

1 – Halloween / H20

You had to know this was coming, right? Well, at the risk of being totally predictable, I present you with the final day of my 10 Days of Halloween. 578 more words


5 somewhat obscure horror movies perfect for Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us! While a good horror story can chill me to the bone for a long time after I’m done reading, well done horror films have a tendency to instead hit me hard and fast, but leaving me pretty okay in the paranoia department afterwards. 1,015 more words

Horror Stories

Shaun vs. Terror Train (1980)

Directed by Roger Spottiswood

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Johnson and Derek MacKinnon

It’s New Year’s Eve and the last big party for a college fraternity that decides to go out with a bang with a shindig on a train.  687 more words


The Centennial: October 31, 1914

Living in an apartment, Eran didn’t ordinarily have trick-or-treaters. If it were a warm October night and his windows were open, he might hear children barging through dead leaves to the houses across the street. 681 more words


Blu-ray Review: Halloween (1978) - 35th Anniversary Edition

Distributor: Anchor Bay

BBFC Classification: 18

Director: John Carpenter

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, P.J. Soles, Charles Cyphers, Tony Moran, Nancy Loomis

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when John Carpenter’s seminal horror film… 594 more words


Schlocktoberfest Day 26: Terror Train (1980)

Synopsis: A masked killer targets six college kids responsible for a prank gone wrong three years earlier and who are currently throwing a large New Year’s Eve costume party aboard a moving train. 366 more words