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Wow, #JAMIROQUAIDAY is coming to an end! It went by a lot more effortlessly on my part than any of the previous Artist Appreciation Days, but now I’m going to start something a little new (that hopefully will carry over into my regular blog traditions). 865 more words


#JAMIROQUAIDAY Top 5 Favorite Jamiroquai Albums : MYFAVORITES

So, I’m sure you’re used to my Discography Reviews, since it has become the standard on this Impromptu Artist Appreciation Month. And you might ask WHY I’m not doing that for… 658 more words


#JAMIROQUAIDAY Top 10 Favorite Jamiroquai Songs : MYFAVORITES

Here we go, Jamiroquai and there amazingly retro-funky and fun songs. The group became famous for their 70’s soul inspired tracks that just FEEL GOOD for lack of a better word. 620 more words



AND, we’re back! #DAFTPUNKDAY was the jump off, #KELISDAY was the follow up, and today we have #JAMIROQUAIDAY which keeps this Artist Appreciation Month consistent. This blog exercise is meant to keep me busy, and to shine a light on artists that I LOVE but often go under-appreciated on my blog and on my iTunes. 149 more words


Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (The Noisy Freaks Remix)

The Noisy Freaks have been absolutely phenomenal this year! From releasing their Straight Life album and hosting a wicked remix competition to playing side-by-side with Les Petits Pilous and signing with Lowtemp Records, the funk-driven duo have surely earned their place in the spotlight. 43 more words


Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (Noisy Freaks Remix) [Stream]

Perfect for a little Throwback Thursday. Get down with your funky self today.


How Being a Musician Helps You in Business

I have been a musician for close to 30 years.  A guitar player.  I was weened on music the likes of Rush and Genesis, then moving jazz which led to amazing guitarists like… 1,552 more words