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Jamnagar 'The Paradise of Avian Visitors'

I’m visiting the place after 7 long years. A lot has changed. Empty barren lands gave way new buildings and shops. Lot of eateries and hang out places has popped up.¬† 667 more words

Saurashtra vacation - Day 2 - Refinery, Jamnagar

The World’s Biggest Refinery¬†

We awoke lazily, way past our school day waking hour and only just managed to squeeze in some breakfast before being on our way. 890 more words


Saurashtra Vacation - Day 1 - Mumbai to Jamnagar by road

Happy New Year! Bar the shouting, it is now increasingly mystifying even more than it is irritating, as to how hordes of people across the world have adopted this annoying and frankly pointless way of celebrating what is merely a milestone marker. 618 more words