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Rep. Jan Schakowsky reports some weight loss trying to #LiveTheWage

Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky continued over the weekend to live the minimum wage challenge, during which politicians limit their food expenses to $77 a week ($290 a week income at $7.25 an hour less $176.48 for housing and $35.06 for taxes). 293 more words

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Democrats find living on minimum wage is tough

Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland ran out of money and walked instead of taking taxis. Rep. Mark Takano of California tweeted a picture of the black beans and rice he ate for dinner, while Rep. 400 more words


'Live Jan Schakowsky's wage for a week': Elitism inspires snark-fest

Another day, another political stunt mocked and ridiculed. The #LiveTheWage posturing elicited some hilarity.

@SooperMexican I'm going to live @janschakowsky 's wage for a week…

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'You poor dear': Rep. Jan Schakowsky's '#LiveTheWage' menu not particularly horrifying

In their push for an increase in the minimum wage, some politicians are taking a “minimum wage challenge.”

Among those taking the “challenge” is Rep. Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat, who shared this week’s “minimum wage” menu. 498 more words

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