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Svankmajer's Tales in Tactility

Translated for the first time into English, Jan Svankmajer’s Touching and Imagining is a playful, darkly humorous and pioneering work on tactility in art. Here, Cathryn Vasseleu reveals the book’s history, and why a translation is long overdue.
Visual Culture

Brothers Quay

“The Comb” (1990).

The Brothers Quay, Stephen and Timothy Quay are famous animators and filmmakers. Their work contains stop –  motion animation and pixilation and is influenced by Jan Švankmajer. 74 more words

Specialist Study 2

Jan Švankmajer

Švankmajer is a Czech filmmaker who has influenced many other famous filmmakers including the Brothers Quay, Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton. His work includes mostly stop – motion animation and pixilation (he also created live-action films). 315 more words

Stop Motion Animation


I have decided to study surrealism since my story and the few drawings and sketches I have made belong in the area of surrealism. I have chosen to study surrealism in art and film (live-action and animation). 68 more words

Specialist Study 2