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Jan Švankmajer comes to Cinecity

“I don’t actually animate objects, I coerce the inner life out of them.”

So says Jan Švankmajer, celebrated Czech surrealist. Sculptor, writer, director, artist, puppeteer; Švankmajer has many strings to his bow, and Cinecity’s celebratory exhibition of his work successfully demonstrated this with a suitably eclectic collection of objets d’art. 326 more words


“To me, animation is like magic. It’s not about making things move, but making things live. This is the domain of magic. And that is what I have always tried to achieve in my films—not just to move objects, but to breathe life into them and explore their inner being.” -Jan Švankmajer

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Cinema-Classic n.28 – “Neco z Alenky” AKA “Alice” di Jan Svankmajer (1988)
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“Noooo! I don’t want to leave.” said the little girl to her father and walked defiantly away to look at the bandaged baby carriage creature with its grinning teeth on the far side of the gallery. 454 more words

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Alice (Part Two - Jan Svankmajer's "Alice" 1988)

Svankmajer made his “Alice” in 1988 after a career in short films. For me the most important aspect is that he saw the story as a dream, not a moralising fairy tale: “”While a fairy tale has got an educational aspect – it works with the moral of the lifted forefinger (good overcomes evil), dream, as an expression of our unconscious, uncompromisingly pursues the realisation of our most secret wishes without considering rational and moral inhibitions, because it is driven by the principle of pleasure. 161 more words

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