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Chichester parkrun, Brandy Hole Copse and the Centurion Way

“Easy around a Park Run where you run marathon tempo / pace for the 5km.”

Over the next couple of months, my weekly mileage and long run distances are going to ramp up and my parkrun tourism is likely to go on the back burner. 

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It’s the last day of Janathon.  And on the last day I did the hardest turbo session of the month by far.  Three training videos one after another for two and a half hours. 31 more words


#janathon 2015 day 31: they think it's all over...

…it is now.

It hasn’t been my most successful Janathon – but at least it was infinitely better than last year’s attempt.
This year I have managed 28 days of exercise. 199 more words


Janathon 2015 Day 31 - Mission Accomplished

First off, a big thank you to the people that have followed my blog throughout Janathon, especially my reader in Laos. He or she must find my ramblings utterly incomprehensible but every day without fail they’ve logged in and read this blog! 299 more words

Dedication is what you need...

So I made it! 31 days of exercise, 31 days of logging on running free and 31 blog posts… whew! It’s been an exhausting but also rewarding 31 days! 233 more words


Janathon Days 30 and 31 - Fizzled out

A final double blog for Janathon and unfortunately not much to report.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well and today I was fully worse. Sore throat, earache and thumping headache. 103 more words


Janathon day 31 (insanity max 30 day 20): done

And so with that, Janathon was over before you know it!!

And what did I do to celebrate?

I danced!!

It was a sussex Apple howling or wassail where we dance and perform a ceremony to drive the evil spirits away from Apple trees. 136 more words

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