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Day 12: The Juneathon Bug

After waking up at 5PM (where are my days going?) I stumbled down the stairs for some breakfast, again I was home alone as all of my house-mates are living on normal time-zones and were at work. 435 more words


This year's #Juneathon: Brought to you by the alphabet

My final day of Juneathon was all about recovery from my trail run on Sunday (it’s surprising the additional muscles you use on uneven ground) and of course writing about it so I’ll use my final Juneathon post to recap my alphabetic adventures.


What's it all about...

… don’t worry, I’m not about to start questioning what’s the point of it all or about to get all weepy ’cause it’s the last day of Juneathon.  405 more words

No Runch, Just Lunch...

… SO, when your colleagues gather round and collectively say “..eeeew, what’s that?” and then proceed to shout other people in the office over to inspect your lunch… it’s time to admit defeat. 348 more words


#Juneathon Day 8: Hangover, Then Run

Boy oh boy, what happened last night? I’ll tell you what happened, 2 for 1 cocktails, that’s what. I normally leave the pink drinks well alone as the seriously mess me up, but yesterday afternoon I didn’t give it a second thought. 151 more words


Juneathon? you BEAUTY!!!

Talk about motivation!!!! Sitting in bed earlier writing my previous entry… at what 15h00ish? OMG the guilt at spending the day in bed!

I went downstairs, the sun was shining and without even a second thought, on with the gear and out for a walk! 151 more words


misty ped exercises

I’ve spent a good amount of time today hunting down Juneathon participants who have either:

a) missed out the ‘e’ in Juneathon, thus spelling it ‘Junathon’ 198 more words