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i give you beauty

I am beginning this blog because I want to start something beautiful. My boyfriend told me I need more hobbies. Blogging seems like a good start. 159 more words


The Last/Best Zombie Movie

A zombie is a magically reanimated corpse.  Everybody knows that.  What they usually don’t know, is that they are deeply embedded in class.  Haitian slaves who acted as informers, or continued to work for their original master, after they’d been freed where known by a name similar to “zombie,” and, as you might guess, it was not a compliment.   493 more words


Light and Eyrey

I am preparing myself early this year for when I announce we will be studying Jane Eyre.

“Do we have to?”

“Is that our only choice?” 404 more words


Darcy v. Rochester

Something you should know about me: I’m a Jane Austen addict.

Like, I really, really love Jane Austen. I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time when I was eleven years old, and life just hasn’t been quite the same since then. 684 more words

Jane Eyre

Gemma Bovery - Anne Fontaine

Synopsis (Allociné): Martin est un ex-bobo parisien reconverti plus ou moins volontairement en boulanger d’un village normand. De ses ambitions de jeunesse, il lui reste une forte capacité d’imagination, et une passion toujours vive pour la grande littérature, celle de Gustave Flaubert en particulier. 505 more words


Ooh where did you get that!

I collect Struwwelpeter merchandise.  I have china, ornaments, hats, t-shirts, cookie molds and teddy bears.  Struwwelpeter, Heinrich Hoffmann’s picture book classic written in 1848, is more widely known in  its home country of Germany, than in the United States, was the focus of a library school paper in 1994 and I have been seeking out collectibles ever since.   277 more words

Jane Austen

Draft 2 – Representation

Every text has different approaches when it is being formed. Let us say that texts is a sculpture, there is some process which we called carving that turn the raw material into that art. 618 more words