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Joan Baez (1968) Jane Fonda (1972) IDF Groupies (2014)

Sex has always been a part of war and imperialism. Some women get it. Some women don’t. Which side are you on?

Young Jane Fonda in the 1960s was marketed as a vapid sex symbol. 235 more words

Personal Diary

Birthday Eve

I will be sixty-four tomorrow. It is a dreadful and delightful age. When the Beatles sang about it, it seemed light-years away. Sixty-four? Might as well be one hundred and four. 442 more words

The Heat. Europa Europa. Blue is the Warmest Color. Standing Up. Speed. Speed 2. Freaky Friday. Children of Men. Freedomland. Very Good Girls. Dead End. Stuck in Love. Miss Congeniality. Miss Congeniality 2. The Haunting in Connecticut 2. A Daughter's Nightmare. Peace, Love & Misunderstanding. All About Steve. Texas Chainsaw 3. The Possession. Oculus. Candleshoe. All about Steve. But I'm a Cheerleader. Consent. G.B.F. Tarzan. Starving in Suburbia. Haunt. Blindness. Excision.

The Heat

Without a doubt, comedy of the year. It seems impossible to choose a single best scene, but I’m gonna go with the club scene, when the guy says picture time and Sandra’s character pushes herself into the crowd and slaps his hand, while this other guy is always in the way and Mullins is trying to get all the girls away from the first guy, trying to fight the narc at the same time, saying are you fucking kidding me when she sees him. 2,719 more words


The Sexiest Stars Of Yesterday

Yesterday I did a post sharing pictures of stars from when they were children.
I decided to do something along the same lines today.
Below you will find photographs of some of the worlds favorite female stars who became famous in the 60′s, 70′s & 80′s and many of them are still gracing our television screens today. 83 more words


Dennis Hopper - The Lost Album at the Royal Academy

As well as being a famed actor and director, Dennis Hopper was a prodigious snapper. For a period he took his beloved Nikon 28mm wherever he went, working so obsessively that his friends, the artists Wallace Berman and Edward Kienholz actually referred to him as ‘the tourist’. 464 more words

Public Exhibitions


We need to revise how we think of aging. The old paradigm was: You’re born, you peak at midlife, and then you decline into decrepitude. Looking at aging as ascending a staircase, you gain well-being, spirit, soul, wisdom, the ability to be truly intimate, and a life with intention. 110 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Julia, 1977 (dir. Fred Zinnemann)

Julia: Are you as angry now as you used to be?
Lillian: Mmm-hmm. Yes. I try not to be, but there you are.
Julia: I like your anger.

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Movie Quote Of The Day