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The Elsie Project.

The Elsie Project.

The Elsie Project is a book series about a young woman who finds herself wrapped up in some drama with the vile god of mischief, Loki. 75 more words

Jane Foster

Not Everyone can be the Heroine

“Seriously.  Her again!  What is she doing?  She does nothing!”

“I know right.  Her role is pointless!  Like, all she does is get in the way!” 1,088 more words

Chris Hemsworth

Geeky Critiques; Thor: The Dark World

Welcome! Glad you’ve found my blog! If you like it, make sure you follow me so you can get updates every time I post a blog! 1,493 more words

Geeky Criteeky

Creating Good Love-Interests

When I say ‘love-interest’, I mean those Natalie Portman-type characters that just stand around for scene-beautification, like Padme Amidala and Jane Foster. These characters had the potential to be exciting, interesting people, but instead they get reduced to the MC’s girlfriend. 668 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Thor: The Dark World

Having the best costume does not cut it, but what you do in the costume definitely matters.


Thanking Fab Followers!

Yes thank you dear reader! For unbelievably I reached the giddy heights of having 20 followers of my humble little arty-crafty bloggy thing this week! It is truly heart-warming to know that there are 20 lovely dear reader chums out there. 355 more words