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Thor 3: Ragnarok news is bubbling, with the rumours suggesting a very epic, brutal and game changing film. Underscoring that are some leaks from the crew, in the form of Tom Hiddleston and writer of the film, Christopher Yost.

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Sometimes I wish I was a Christmas elf. Because despite the obvious downsides (lack of height, pointy ears) finding and squirrelling stuff away to give to excited kids at Christmas is definitely fun. 724 more words

Thoughts On Being A Mum

Journey Into Mystery #84: Thor deigns to involve himself in the squabbles of men

One thing that sometimes doesn’t ring true in these early stories is the political tensions inserted into the plot.

It makes sense that Dr. Donald Blake would be anti-communist, and working with an NGO to provide aid to the oppressed people of San Diablo, a dictatorship in South America that serves as a very loose parallel for the Cold War-era South and Central American nations that aligned themselves with the Soviet Union. 283 more words


I'm In shock, I've got a hoodie!

This post will not be very well composed as it is me trying to freak out in a calm post-like manner.
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Journey Into Mystery #83: Whosoever shall hold this hammer!

If there’s a link to be drawn between a few of the protagonists in the early Marvel comics 616 continuity, it’s that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby often draw a line straight down the middle of their hero between the ego and alterego. 266 more words


#24 Jane Foster {52 Ancestors}

Still playing the catch up game with my family tree!

This week I am focusing on Jane Foster who is my husband’s three times great grandmother. 97 more words