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Thor Issue #3, Who IS She?!

The great debate surrounding this amazing run of Thor has been, quite simply: Who IS she? I was hoping that we would get a glimpse into just who might be the woman worth enough to wield Mjolnir, but alas, issue 3 proved to be like the two before it: action-packed and interesting, but lacking in the naming department. 130 more words


Thor: The Dark World

I didn’t think it would be possible, but this makes less sense than the first one!

Chris Hemsworth as Thor Natalie Portman as Jane Foster … 458 more words
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Journey into Mystery #85: Mischief managed

Ah, Loki.

The god of mischief, and Thor’s brother. His debut here finally gives Thor a worthwhile, larger-than-life adversary, one worthy of appearing multiple times and capable of challenging the Thunder God for more than a brief episode. 423 more words


Avengers Meme Dump

I had no idea making memes could be so easy and so fun.

When erinkenobi2893┬ásaid she was planning on doing an Avengers fan art dump on her blog today, I thought of all the memes I’ve been making, and figured it would be a great chance to share them… with the world! 69 more words

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Thor 3 | Natalie Portman . com

Thor 3: Ragnarok news is bubbling, with the rumours suggesting a very epic, brutal and game changing film. Underscoring that are some leaks from the crew, in the form of Tom Hiddleston and writer of the film, Christopher Yost.

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Sometimes I wish I was a Christmas elf. Because despite the obvious downsides (lack of height, pointy ears) finding and squirrelling stuff away to give to excited kids at Christmas is definitely fun. 724 more words

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Journey Into Mystery #84: Thor deigns to involve himself in the squabbles of men

One thing that sometimes doesn’t ring true in these early stories is the political tensions inserted into the plot.

It makes sense that Dr. Donald Blake would be anti-communist, and working with an NGO to provide aid to the oppressed people of San Diablo, a dictatorship in South America that serves as a very loose parallel for the Cold War-era South and Central American nations that aligned themselves with the Soviet Union. 283 more words