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Amours 1:214

Je sens portraits dedans ma souvenance
Tes longs cheveux et ta bouche et tes yeux,
Ton doux regard, ton parler gracieux,
Ton doux maintien, ta douce contenance. 212 more words

The secret project: Janet and the TARDIS

I mentioned a few times the last month that I’ve been working on a secret project. I can now talk about it, it’s no longer a secret. 237 more words

Short and Simple

I was at Target yesterday and found this awesome 3 pack of NYX Butter Glosses for only $10!!! The names are all desserts and so cute! 189 more words


The Bath - A Short Story by Janet Frame

On the surface, this story is very direct and simple. It briskly describes the routine of a woman who is growing old and shows how she is on the verge of no longer being able to take care of herself. 516 more words


33 years ago

Happy anniversary to my loving wife. It’s been a wonderful 33 years. Everything good I am is because of her, everything that’s not good is simply on her to-do list of things to fix.

Happy anniversary Janet!

Would You Like a Window Seat, Aisle Seat, or Just Wait For the UFO?

Nevada is home to one of America’s most secretive military facilities, the classified base known as Area 51. Located in a dry lake bed in central Nevada, the government refused to even acknowledge Area 51’s existence until recently, and the base has been rumored to house everything from a top secret test site to recovered alien spaceships. 108 more words