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The Fountain Kiss in Love Rain is Just 2Enchanting 2B True!

I adore the scene in Love Rain when In-Ha protects Yoon-Hee from being splattered by a puddle as traffic drives by. They’re sharing a broken, yellow umbrella. 155 more words

2 Enchanting 2B True

Question: Who Is Jang Keun-Suk (or Jang Geun-suk or JKS or Jang Keun Suk)?

Answer: Jang Keun Suk, Jang Geun-suk, JKS,  장근석, and “The Asian Prince” are all the same guy.  He’s a south Korean actor, singer, and model, and he’s popular in Japan, the Philippines, throughout South America, and well, pretty much everywhere. 441 more words


Love Rain (사랑비--Sarangbi, or "Love Rides the Rain") Korean Drama Review

This is, by far, my favorite Korean drama so far, of all the ones I’ve watched and adored. It unfolds in two parts: the first part is historical, taking place in the early ’70s, and the second part has a modern setting. 546 more words


You're Beautiful (He's Beautiful) Korean Drama Review

This is the Korean drama/romantic comedy that got the ball rolling for me and my girls. We stumbled across You’re Beautiful on Netflix and thought, “What the heck?” We watched Episode 1 and were utterly… 545 more words


"When did you first . . . ?"

When couples remember their first meetings and early courtship, they are often curious to know when the other first began to be attracted to them.  This is true of kdrama couples, no less than any in real life.  379 more words


[ARTICLE] Lee Min Ho Is A Very Modest Actor

Despite his impressive success, Lee Min Ho remains a very modest actor.

The actor recently told the fashion magazine @star1 that his success in China was not due to his own talent or even his indisputable good looks. 436 more words

Lee Min Ho

Happy White Day

Hope you have the Sweetest Day Ever ~~~With True Love! 
March 14th is called ” White Day” in Korea and Japan . On this day, couple who missed their chance to propose get another chance to express their love. 10 more words