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Watched: You're Beautiful

I am gonna continue with this girl pretending to be a boy theme and review You’re Beautiful. Thus one stars Park Shin-hye (The Heirs) as a nun who must fill in for her twin brother who happens to be the singer of the band A*N.JELL. 393 more words

Park Shin-hye

Raining on the Dance Floor All Over the World


Today is the last Sunday of June and in the US that means Pride Day. Every event needs a good theme song so my choice is  56 more words

Raining on the Dance Floor YouTube Teaser

No story here. Just free marketing for Team H. Love you guys!

Jang Keun Suk

Team H Driving To The Highway Albümünü Erteledi | Asya,Güney Kore Tv ve Sinema Dünyasi

 Team H Grubunun Son Albümleri “Driving To The Highway” Temmuzun ikinci Haftasi çıkacğını Duyurmasina rağmen Bugün Grubun Ajansı “Tree J” Tarafindan Sosyl Medya üzeinden Yaptiğı aciklamada Albümün 16 Temmuza Ertelendiğini Duyurdu. 84 more words

Twitter Event for Team H's 'Take Me' Single Release and for Big Brother Kurt Jung's birthday

The Eels Family (TEF) and DJ BigBrother (BB) Kurt Jung Group sponsor a 2-day celebration for Big Brother Kurt Jung’s birthday on June 24th and runs into release of Team H’s Take Me on June 25th. 74 more words

[Series Spotlight] You're Beautiful

Series Spotlight is a monthly feature in which I talk about television shows or miniseries that has caught my attention and/or undying devotion. Have a suggestion for a TV show I should watch? 454 more words

Series Spotlight

Guilty Pleasure

Let me tell you a secret…

I’m so into… K-DRAMAs! Yup you got that right, KOREAN DRAMAS!

Let me share with you some of the ones I’ve seen. 593 more words