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Fated to Love You - Week 8

The misundertanding continues as Mi Young (or Ellie Kim) remains in the dark as to why Gun pushes her away three years ago. She’s still hurt from losing Kkedongie, but it’s rather a poignant scene seeing both him and Gun return to the site on the day of the accident which happened three years ago. 469 more words


My Thoughts: Fated to Love You- Episode 18

This episode was filled with sweet moments for our OTP. Now that the truth has been revealed, it seems Mi Young and Gun are willing to give their love another chance. 2,365 more words

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Fated To Love You: T-3 to Finale

For us poor souls who need some FTLY nourishment before Ep 19 unveils on Wednesday night…

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My Thoughts: Fated to Love You- Episode 17

It seems Gun will continue to deny his real feelings for Mi Young till the end. Everyone around him can tell his feelings except for Mi Young who is still blinded by the misunderstandings of the past. 2,753 more words

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Fated to love you - Ep 18 - Thoughts and discussion

I just watched it subs and I loved every minute of it!

I am so glad we didn’t have to wait until the last ep to see our Snail couple happy together… 128 more words

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Fated to love you - Ep 17 - Thoughts and discussion

Let the feels flow my friends!

I’ll come back as soon as I finish watching the episode

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Fated To Love You: Verging on Zombie-Shooting Mode

I feel like the entire world is on a rabid craze for anything Fated To Love You, any news bit especially on Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara (I’m a happy camper of the former :D ) is scoured by resourceful fans.

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