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Fated to love you - Ep 18 - Thoughts and discussion

I just watched it subs and I loved every minute of it!

I am so glad we didn’t have to wait until the last ep to see our Snail couple happy together… 23 more words

Jang Hyuk

Fated to love you - Ep 17 - Thoughts and discussion

Let the feels flow my friends!

I’ll come back as soon as I finish watching the episode

Jang Hyuk

Fated To Love You: Verging on Zombie-Shooting Mode

I feel like the entire world is on a rabid craze for anything Fated To Love You, any news bit especially on Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara (I’m a happy camper of the former :D ) is scoured by resourceful fans.

129 more words

Summer Romcom - Week 7

Fated to Love You

Gun finally cut his hair! Even if he looks different, the maniac laughter is still there. Apparently in the three years of absence of Mi Young, he is no longer the arrogant CEO, and how awesome it is that he has built a fine rapport with Mi Young’s mother? 782 more words


Summer Romcom - Week 6

Fated to Love You

I’ve read that the amnesia part is not in the original, and I’m happy to see that this version took the liberty to add in new plot lines. 735 more words


Fated to love you - BTS ep 15 - Sooo cuteeee!!!!

This is a must watch guys! I’m
not into behind the scenes videos in general but this one is seriously adorable. The Jangs are jjang on screen and off screen ❤️😊👍 60 more words

Jang Hyuk

My Thoughts: Fated to Love You- Episode 16

By this point in the drama, Gun and Mi Young’s time together seems to be running out. The collaboration ended in this episode and now with the big confrontation at the end, it looks like Gun still has a lot to explain to Mi Young. 2,270 more words

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