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Harithah bin Wahb RA reported: I heard Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) saying, “Shall I not inform you about the people of Jannah? It is every person who is, modest and humble (before Allah), a person who is accounted weak and is looked down upon but if he adjures Allah, Allah will certainly give him what he desires. 22 more words

We’re about to sinking all the vessels that already built with wholeheartedly work for almost 3 years. Thanks Mr. President.
This is how much we value your all breaking-through. 6 more words

Jannah :)

It is imperative to vanish all the things that is no longer suitable with your life. Stepping stone will evolve into myriad leapfrog. #intuition – at Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif RI

See on Path

Jannah :)

Allah's Beautiful Names: 99 or More? (Hadith No. 2392)


Ahadith 2389 – 2391 (below) are repeats. See linked text for related posts.

Take a DEEP breath, this one is quite long! Probably the longest so far.. 4,857 more words


It is the barrier, the prison.

The worldly body is a prison for the believer, not because this life is miserable for the believing soul, but because that soul yearns to be somewhere greater. 67 more words

Amazing Reminders

Friends in Paradise

O’ friend, We are of One Mind,
And your Lord is my Lord.
You cried out, your Voice suffering from it
And then a fiery wind lifted us… 110 more words