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I am coming

I am coming
On a teardrop.

I am coming
To see
Your Face.

The Face
That will not
Perish when
Everything else

I am coming… 54 more words


Separation and Reunion

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Menjawab pertanyaanmu

Begini, jika saya masih belum bisa tidur, tetap terjaga menjelang beberapa jam menuju kepergian KKL 16 April 2014. Harus tiba di kampus pukul 03.30 WIB. Meski dipaksakan tetap saja tidak bisa, lebih baik memilih untuk menulis beberapa kata. 410 more words

The Journal


Ya Allah, accept this Aniyah Coming from a young Muslim striving to become a true believer. So on the day, when You measure my deeds. Know I only did this strictly for Your pleasure, 77 more words


Sincerity (Ikhlaas)

Ikhlas (sincerity) is to do everything, internal and external, only desiring the pleasure of Allah. It is to forget the eyes of the people, and whether they view your deeds or not, with the only thing on your mind that Allah is watching you. 596 more words


Fasting Gives you Some Rest...

Very hectic weeks for this two weeks recently..
Udah mau pingsan rasanya bertubi tubi kerjaan dan bikin mikir semua.
Dari mulai ngonsep, strategical thinking, sampe eksekusinya harus gimana dan harus eksekusi pula. 296 more words

Jannah :)

Journeying: Taking Off: Part Ten

Her eyes were wide, portraying an obvious excitement for what she was about to say.

“Far, just tell me,” I said impatiently. I would never be able to guess what her news was. 1,341 more words