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The Hartfields | 012. Sanctuary

“You hate her!”

Siobahn’s shrill voice shouted at him even though her Talent couldn’t touch him now. Aaron didn’t know why but at some point before Milena turned up, it had stopped working. 3,062 more words

The Sims 3

Chapter 40: Discussion

Rachel Chase watched her brother collapse onto the couch. She grabbed some fruit juice and tossed the small bottle at his head.

“Drink it.”

Mitchell grabbed the bottle out of the air and began to drink it. 1,292 more words

Rumor's Block


January is named after Janus, the Roman God of doorways, beginnings, change and transition. Janus was very important figure in the Roman pantheon, whose role was akin to that of Lord Ganesha in Hinduism. 78 more words


the month of Janus

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.
–Soren Kierkegaard

The month of January was so named because in the Julian calendar system, January is the month where we look both backward and forward and the Romans worshiped a god named… 507 more words


India celebrates Republic Day 2015

The Indian Republic Day honours the date in which the Constitution of India came into force, 26th of January 1950. The new Constitution of India replaced the Government of India Act which served as the governing document of India since 1935. 507 more words

Janus Services

23 Jan 15

S&P 2,053.76 -0.46% | MSCI EMI 991.98 +0.86% | US10Y 1.80% -44bps (MoM) | €/$ 1.1215 -1.33% | 30YFRM 3.84% -18bps (MoM) | WTI Crude… 134 more words


New Year? Are you sure about that???

Why is it that this time of year, so many people greet each other, with the common saying, “happy new year”?  The issue is that January is NOT the beginning of the year!!!   372 more words