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The Sunday Sermon; Tidings of comfort and joy.

It’s a strange time of year, the build up to Christmas, with all the emotions good and bad that can bring, then the pregnant pause as we wait for New Years Eve. 540 more words

The benefit of being two-faced

Research in cognitive science – how the brain works – has found that the mechanisms we use to remember the past are the same as the ones we use to envisage the future. 120 more words


December 15 - 23 Thalia

J R Hind discovered today’s main belt asteroid, 23 Thalia, from Hyde Park, London, on December 15th, 1852 (I’d like to see him try that nowadays). 168 more words

Going On Up There Then

World’s oldest two-faced cat died!

The cat had two mouths, two noses and three eyes breaking the record for the most face features. His name was Frank and Louie.

But having one brain meant they both responded in unison. 111 more words


Bill Gross grows new Janus fund to $1.2B

Famed bond investor Bill Gross is once again a billion-dollar man.

In the few short months since he left bond giant Pimco in a cloud of controversy, Gross, 70, has accumulated more than $1 billion to manage at his new home, mutual fund giant Janus Capital. 309 more words


Multiple Personalities

The one bad thing that happening because of therapy, is that my thoughts fly over the place. Let’s take this blog for example. I’m glad at the small amount of attention I’m getting for writing my story, and yet a little while after my anxiety and inner control freak kicks in and starts screaming. 381 more words