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The Hartfields | 009. Business as Unusual

The voice talking to him was more like a humming sound. A buzzing. It was a meaningless sound that made him want to raise his hand to swat the fly that was disturbing him, but then he looked up and it was Dani standing in front of him, and she wasn’t even speaking to him. 1,667 more words

Aaron Finnigan


God of paradox
You guard the door:
The entrance and the exit.
Witness to the past and present.
When war is declared
Your heart quickens; 48 more words


New arrival: A.W.Faber "Janus" 2B

Now these have been a pleasant bi-product of my “Janus” sharpener search on eBay. They are advertized as drawing pencils, so I’ll certainly will come back to them for some sketching action.


How I Know That They Are Full Of It

My travels and travails have provided many insights.

This is about just one of them. Probably the most important one, at least for the moment. 989 more words

What propelled Bill Gross' fall from grace at Pimco

What is the difference between being a charming and colorful eccentric, and being a tiresome crank? When it comes to Bill Gross, the former bond king, I think that one of the key answers is “market share.” Or, more specifically, losing market share. 640 more words


Dancing with Bill Gross: His first outlook piece for Janus

Bill Gross, noted for his sometimes stem-winding outlook pieces at Pimco, is now writing them for his new employer, Janus Capital. This month’s theme: Dancing as a metaphor for the current bond environment. 157 more words